2lbs of Coffee a month for a YEAR

2lbs of Misha’s Coffee a month for Year!!

Donated by Andrea Seward and Chriss Smith

Value: $360  

Minimum Bid: $90

Enjoy 2lbs of the amazingly delightful Misha’s Coffee a month for Year.  The coffees we sell by weight, either whole or ground, are organized into four basic categories: Signature Blends, American Varietals (where we’ve grouped South and Central American coffees along with coffee from the Caribbean), African Varietals, and Indonesian Varietals (where we’ve included Hawaiian coffee because of qualitative similarities among coffees from the Pacific islands).

Each individual coffee listing gives you the following specific information: the country of origin; the agricultural grade, when specified (rare among roasters, we only use the highest grade coffee, even in our blends); the region or estate that it comes from; tasting notes based on a Full City roast (a French roast will deepen the body, soften the acidity, and add a smokey twist); the current roast; and the price per pound.

We offer six different blends and 18 varietals from around the world. We will also blend and roast to your specifications if you order at least ten pounds, which is the smallest batch that we can roast at any one time.



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