3 Bags of Sommo Coffee: Organic & Sustainable

3 Bags of Sommo Coffee: Organic & Sustainable

Donated by Kathy Huff

Value:  $50

Minimum Bid:  $10

Organic, sustainable coffee, some are certified organic and some not yet certified, but all are grown responsibly without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Coffees that are meticulously grown and hand harvested by indigenous producers [farmers] around the world who care as much as we do about the quality of their coffee.

100% Arabica Beans, which are beans grown in high mountainous areas along the equator around the world in volcanic and rainforest areas, the richest soil on earth!

Master Roaster and owner of Sommo Coffees, Kathy Huff, has been roasting for five years and was personally trained by Stephan Diedrich, CEO of Diedrich Manufacturing, and one of the founders of the Specialty Coffee Industry in the US.

Kathy is a professional coffee cupper (someone who expertly tastes coffee).  She works with top chefs in the Norther Virginia area pairing coffee with desserts and creating custom blends.  She also trains Baristas for competition.



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