Professional Organizing


Professional Organizing

Donated by Diana, Brian, Addison, Maeve & Reece Waller

Value: $400

Minimum Bid:  $100

This item includes a 1 hour assessment + 3 hours of Professional Organizing. $115 assessment + $285 for 3 hour session = $400 value. 

Organizer, Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Diana Waller, owner and founder of Chasing Dragons: The Art of Organization,  will share her smart strategies with you in her assessment and organizing session.  If you want to accomplish your goals with humor, creativity, and sensitivity, you’ve found the right organizer and her extraordinary team and portfolio of resources. Oh, and you have to appreciate a little humor.  Sometimes you need to clear your head or your desk, go big or go home, and follow the wishes we all have for different or better. Or both.



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